Light Therapy – Dermalux Tri Wave MD

Dermalux Tri Wave MD

Light Therapy

At Urban Sanctuary Tralee we pride ourselves in using leading and advanced technologies to ensure optimum results for our clients. The Dermalux Tri Wave MD is an award winning, non invasive and pain free LED system. It provides optimum cell activation and we use it as a stand alone treatment or as a combination with other treatments to ensure optimum results.

The Dermalux Tri Wave MD stimulates deep within the skin layers to promote natural rejuvenation and repair processes and to speed up cell renewal, resolving problem skin conditions and promoting glowing and healthy-looking skin.

Treatments last between 20 and 30 minutes and are performed in one of our clinic treatment rooms. The area that is being treated is double cleansed and the Dermalux machine is placed over the area. Eye googles will be placed over the eyes and client will relax during the treatment.

Benefits of Blue Light

The blue light has antibacterial benefits and makes it very effective for the treatment of acne and the prevention of future breakouts.  Blue light is also proven to enhance mood and reduce fatigue.

Benefits of Red Light

The red light has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects on the skin.  It stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis.  Red light reduces fine lines, it increases natural skin hydration and it also stimulates the lymphatic system.

Benefits of Near Infrared Light

Near Infrared light is absorbed deepest into skin layers, it works well when it is combined with red light and achieves incredible results for collagen and elastin stimulation. It is proven to calm redness an irritation, it modulates inflammatory response and accelerates wound healing. It is also ideal for the most sensitive of skin.

The Dermalux Tri Wave MD is the first of its kind in the phototherapy market as it has unqiue LED ceramic technology.  It is medically CE certified for acne, psoriasis, wound healing and muscular skeletal pain relief and also for a number of cosmetic skin concerns such as rejuvenation, pigmentation and redness.  It uniquely combines three wavelengths of blue, red and near infrared.  It is clinically proven that controlled levels of these lights, alone or in different combinations, are beneficial to the skins natural repair system.

This treatment is perfectly safe and non invasive.

No, the Dermalux Triwave MD treatment is painfree.

Benefits are noticed after one treatment but a course of 6 to 8 treatments are advised for best results.

Number of treatments will vary depending on the skin concern and its severity. It may involve just one treatment to energise the skin to instantly restore vitality or the calm irritation, or a series of sessions spaced closely together for maximum skin benefits.  Results are long lasting and often only maintenance sessions are required.  Improvements will continue weeks after a treatment. 

Conditions Treated

acne | pigmentation | rejuvenation | antiaging | scarring | uneven skin tone & texture | redness | psoriasis

Treatment Time

20 to 30 minutes

Treatable areas

Face & Body


Epilepsy | Photosensitivity | Lupus erythematosus | Photosensitive eczema | Albinism | Medications that cause light sensitivity


  • Dermalux €55 per session

    30 minute session

  • Dermalux Add On €35 per session
  • Dermalux Package €290

    6 sessions

  • Dermalux Package €550

    12 sessions

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